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Plans for expansion

Lafayette Campus Plan 

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In 2016, Lafayette College proposed an expansion program that called for the demolition of a dozen historic structures in the College Hill Residential Historic District. More than fifty zoning changes were required before the project could be built. The City of Easton strongly supported the project while hundreds of College Hill residents signed a petition and took other actions opposing it. (The ensuing struggle, which took three years to resolve, can be followed at Scroll up from the bottom of the website to read the reports in chronological order.)

Eventually, the College was allowed to proceed, but with many improvements to its original plan, as fought for by the residents. Improvements include redesigned buildings on a smaller site; payment of full city, county and school property taxes; construction of a neighborhood park; scholarships to Easton School District students and much more.

The Lafayette administrators who championed the controversial project have since departed. Lafayette’s new president, Dr. Nicole Hurd, has promised to work with local residents to develop a new Master Plan for the College. The information posted on these pages will follow the Master Plan process and other developments as the College, the City and the residents of College Hill attempt to move forward from a controversial and difficult period in their history.

The Updates & Minutes page describes several meetings that have been held between residents, Dr. Hurd, and the firm that has been selected by the College to prepare its new Master Plan, the SmithGroup.

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