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Homes recently demolished along Cattell Street on College Hill.


Sette Luna was saved by Easton's  downtown National Historic District. The U.S. Postal Service wanted to replace it with a parking lot.

Sette Luna.jpg
St. John St. - after PennDot.JPG


Vacant Lots along St. John's Street, the result of a road widening project by PennDOT.


Preservationists saved the Quadrant from demolition by a urban renewal program that wished to widen Church Street to facilitate better delivery truck access.



Property map 12.2017.jpg

On College Hill, over 150 properties have been purchased by Lafayette College, effectively expanding the borders of the College. Properties owned by the College are colored red. The yellow area denotes the traditional acreage of the College. 

Recently, Lafayette College demolished a row of historic old homes along McCartney Street to build a new dormitory. There are no laws which currently prevent the College from demolishing more homes.

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